Officiating Certification

Teams are required to show the following on the USAV roster…

  • Two Certified Score Keepers – one rated player and one rated adult
  • Two Certified Referees (R1 or R2) – one rated player (R2 is easier) and one rated adult
  • One Certified Libero Tracker – Player – No rating necessary – Online training only
  • Two Certified Line Judges – two players – no rating necessary – online training only


  • First Referee (R1) – The first referee carries out his/her functions standing on a referee’s stand located at the opposite end of the net from the score table. The first referee directs the match from the start of the official match protocol until the end of the match. The first referee has authority over all players and officials from his/her arrival at the court until the conclusion of the match.
  • Second Referee (R2): The second referee takes a position on the side of the court opposite and facing the first referee. The second referee is the primary liaison between the referee crew and the coaches, players, scorer, and event management, and provides a valuable perspective because it is impossible for the first referee to get a clear view of all the action on the court.
  • Line Judges: Two line judges are used in most matches. They are positioned at the intersection of an end line and a sideline, one to the first referee’s right and one to the second referee’s right. The line judges give information to the first referee regarding the location of the ball when it hits the floor, the legality of the path of the ball as it crosses the net, and which team touched the ball last.
  • Scorer and Assistant Scorer (Libero Tracker): The scorer uses the official score sheet to record all points earned, substitutions made, and sanctions imposed during a match. The assistant scorer is also known as the Libero tracker and records the exchanges of the Libero and other players during the match. The Libero Tracker also informs the R2 when the Libero is not replaced when that position rotates to the front row or is replaced by the wrong player.

Sometimes the term “official” is used synonymously with “referee”. Used correctly, the term “official” should be used to collectively refer to any of the above officiating corps. The term “Junior Officials” refers to junior team members certified to fulfill requirements for their team officiating duties. Individuals who successfully complete the junior club certification process will receive the Oklahoma Region certification Junior Official. Junior Officials are not allowed to work events for pay.

Get Certified…

Step One

Complete USAV Online Academy Training

  1. On a computer (not the app), sign in to your Sports Engine account where the player’s USAV/OKRVA member and registration exist.
  2. Once signed in, click “My Account” and then the “Household” tab from the menu on the left side.
  3. Clicking into the player’s profile reveals the USAV/OKRVA membership. Click “View Details” to reach the membership.
  4. Click “USAV Academy” in the upper right corner and follow the instructions in the Hello box to access the training modules.
  5. Click on Content Library on the left side of the screen to select and enroll in your courses.

Your enrolled courses will be displayed in your Dashboard. Your completed Badges will be displayed in Certificates. If you have problems with the system, click on USAV Academy Help Desk to report the problem.

Step Two

Complete Ratings After Online Training for R1, R2, or Score

(Required for R1 or R2 and Score Keeping Certification)

R1 / R2: Receive rating forms from an adult certified R1 for two matches while officiating as the R1 or R2.

Score Keeping: Complete Score Sheets for Two Matches – Please provide your own score sheets unless working as the official score keeper of the match.

Scan and Upload to the player/coach USAV Academy the completed rating forms or completed score sheets of the match, including set 3 if applicable.