Opening Day May 13

TPV Beach is an elite beach volleyball training program in Tulsa, Oklahoma designed for boys and girls ages 9-18 years old. There are no tryouts for our program. All players from all schools and clubs are welcome to join.

As the fastest growing NCAA sport, beach volleyball provides opportunities for players to compete regionally and nationally. Beach volleyball provides thousands of opportunities for players to compete at the collegiate level as well as develop their skills to improve their indoor game.

Beach volleyball provides an environment and experience that helps players to learn well-rounded skills, to develop better court awareness, and to improve vertical, speed, joint strength, and more.

A major benefit of of beach volleyball is that the sport gives the players control and responsibility of the game. Most beach volleyball coaching happens in training sessions. During matches, coaching is only permitted between sets or at time-outs/side switches depending on tournament rules. Players learn to be more self-motivated, better teammates, and develop a better  overall understanding of strategy for both beach and indoor volleyball.


Training starts May 13 and is held twice weekly on (Monday and Wednesday Evenings) at Helmerich Park at 71st and Riverside. Concludes June 26.

The TPV Beach program is designed for players to develop their skills, learn the game of beach volleyball, and have the opportunity to compete at a regional and national level.

TPV is excited to provide a high level beach program run by top coaches, Ben Farmer and Shelby Swanson. They are joined by other TPV staff and current collegiate volleyball players. Our coaching staff has years of experience coaching and playing beach and indoor volleyball. Our coaching staff is passionate about the game and are each is dedicated to developing young volleyball players in a fun, energetic, and competitive environment.

TPV Beach is committed to providing the best quality, most energetic, and passionate coaching in our area. Whether your player is aspiring to play beach volleyball at the highest level or is looking to improve their indoor skills, our coaches are equipped and committed to developing our athletes and providing an elite training experience.


  • 14 training sessions available, $515
  • Training with our head coaches at every session
  • Skills and strategy training with drills and game play experience
  • Two TPV Beach tanks and sand socks
  • Local Tournament Coaching

Training Levels:

  • Power (High School)
  • Select (Middle School)


Teams create their own tournament schedule as desired.


  • Power and Select Mon/Wed 5:30-7:00
  • May 13 to June 26